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Title: UNCHARTED Co-Creation Workshop “Cultural Values in the Cultural Sphere: a European Perspective”

Description: The UNCHARTED project is delighted to announce the first of a series of three co-creation workshops planned by the Consortium in the framework of the investigation action. The aim of the initiatives is to combine the generation of knowledge with the creation of a common understanding and a shared approach to the themes addressed by the research of UNCHARTED. This upcoming event will be hosted and coordinated by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto. Through an extended dialogue between the whole UNCHARTED Consortium, some members of the project Advisory Board and other invited stakeholders, it will develop an examination of the factors shaping the value of culture in Europe and will carry out a systematic comparison between perspectives on different areas of cultural practice where these values emerge. The programme includes sessions devoted to present and discuss the results of WP1. The case studies carried out in WP2 are presented in parallel sessions focused on the three main areas of the project: cultural participation, cultural production and cultural administration. Advisory Board members will act as discussants in these sessions. Another kind of sessions will confront the synthetic representations of the configuration of values in the different areas of cultural practice that will be elaborated along WP2 with practical reflections by selected stakeholders. Additionally, in a final session partners and stakeholders will debate about the Covid-19 impact on the values of culture in cultural participation in view of generating policy recommendations for cultural institutions at a time of recovery of normality. Porto co-creation workshop’ s webpage: UNCHARTED website: #UNCHARTEDculture #societalvalueofculture Twitter: @uncharted_cult Facebook: @uncharted.culture


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Title: BeCULTOUR Community of Practice

Description: Working space dedicated to the Community of Practice of BeCULTOUR project. BeCULTOUR stands for “Beyond Cultural Tourism” and aims to develop human-centred innovations for sustainable and circular cultural tourism. Led by the italian National Research Council (CNR), Institute for Research on Innovation and Services for Development (IRISS), the project responds to the H2020 call about “Socioeconomic and cultural transformations in the context of the fourth Industrial Revolution”. Cultural tourism entails opportunities but also risks. If not managed properly, it can easily turn into a “value extractive” industry, generating negative environmental, social and cultural impacts on local communities and ecosystems. This project develops specific strategies to promote an understanding of cultural tourism, which moves away from a “stop-and-go” consumer-oriented approach towards one that puts humans and circular economy models at its centre, paying attention to nature, communities and cultural diversity. “Place”, intended as the genius loci, the ancient spirit of the site and “people” as co-creators of its uniqueness, culture, art, tradition, folklore, productivity, spirituality, are the focus of Be.CULTOUR. The driving forces of the project are wide and diversified partnerships of stakeholders from 18 EU and non-EU regions of Northern-Central and Southern Europe, the Balkans, the Eastern neighbourhood and the Mediterranean. A community of 300 innovators in 6 pilot regions is developed, engaging regional authorities and municipalities, clusters and associations, museums and tourist boards, entrepreneurs, chambers of commerce, citizens, researchers, practitioners as well as project partners, who will be co-creating innovative place-based solutions for human-centred and circular cultural tourism. Collaborative “Heritage innovation networks” are established in 6 deprived remote, peripheral and deindustrialised areas and cultural landscapes of Europe identified as “Pilot Heritage Sites”: committed to the project’s objectives, they have defined clear cultural tourism related challenges requiring innovation, which will serve as the basis for the collaboration with 12 additional “Mirror Ecosystems”. Mutual learning and up-scaling of business solutions will guide collaboration between Pilot Sites and Mirror Ecosystems, ensuring sustainability of results beyond project lifetime. BeCULTOUR will result in 6 community-led Action Plans, 18 human-centred innovative solutions and 6 close-to-market prototypes of new cultural tourism integrated services and products: these will directly contribute to inclusive economic growth, communities’ wellbeing and resilience, and nature regeneration in pilot and mirror regions, stimulating effective cooperation at cross-border, regional and local level.


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