Challenge: WHY the innovation has been developed? What problem is addressed and why has not been not solved before?

To provide updated information and continuous news about the encounter of digital tecnologies, cultural heritage and the arts.

Solution: WHAT the solution is about? HOW it goes beyond the state of the art?

The online magazine has established as a lively community of users, who participate in the initiative accessing the website and providing information about the sector, internationally. The magazine is officially registered and receives an average of 25,000 visits per month. It features projects and initiatives from all over the world, linking to original source to provide complete information. It is open to contributions from the whole community of digital cultural heritage and arts.

End-users and examples of uses: WHO will beneficiate/ is beneficiating from the solution? WHERE and HOW the solution has been adopted? How will impact people or end-users? Add as more as possible examples of market and society uptakes

Researchers, cultural heritage managers, curators, students, creative and cultural entrepreneurs.

Future possibilities: Future market perspectives when the innovation will be fully available or in use

The online magazine is currently self-sustained, as part of the communication and dissemination activities of its publisher.


Antonella Fresa (

Application sectors:

  • Tourism economy and impacts
  • Heritage communities and participatory approach
  • Enabling digital technologies for CH
  • Audience development and impacts
  • Intercultural dialogue


  • Consumers’ awareness and information, trust building

RRI Dimensions:

  • Public Engagement
  • Science Education
  • Open Access


  • Shared management of cultural heritage
  • Advanced future technologies for heritage and arts