Innovators in Cultural Heritage

This Platform is the federation of responsible Innovators in Cultural Heritage

What is the Community of Innovators in Cultural Heritage?

The Community of Innovators in Cultural Heritage is an open exchange platform, which gathers innovators, key stakeholders, practitioners, pioneers and social 'change-makers' (entrepreneurs, investors, influencers, professors, researchers, etc.) in the field of cultural heritage.

What will the platform for Innovators in Cultural Heritage offer?

A virtual environment where innovators are at the centre. You will have the chance to meet other innovators, share your results, exchange ideas, find new partners, create new synergies and develop new strategies.

You will:
• Find the latest news, events and solutions shared by the Community
• Join communities of practitioners in various fields of cultural heritage, meet other innovators and discuss with them through working spaces and virtual meetings
• Give visibility to your innovations and latest researches though your customised profile
• Find possible investors and partners to make your innovation grow or start a new project

Are you an innovator in Cultural Heritage?

Stay posted and join the Community!